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Aerogel is a gas as the medium of gel. The solid component is connected, through complex mesoporous pipeline gas is fixed in the channel. With the progress of science, can be prepared by a series of gas including organic airgel, carbon airgel, silica airgel, titania airgel, alumina airgel, zinc oxide airgel gel, can also be prepared according to the different needs of a composite aerogels doped airgel.
The main characteristics of the airgel is mesoporous size, high specific surface area, up to a porosity of more than 90%, the size of mesoporous aerogels having a nano-size effects Aerogel super adsorption capacity and the ideal, given a high specific surface area the catalyst support, high porosity to the airgel insulation effect to the extreme, while the solid material becomes lighter, the complexity of the pore wall of the hole to make it in the electrical, optical, acoustic, mechanical demonstrated extraordinary excellent performance.
Its solid content is only 3-10% of the total volume of the airgel, and is composed by the complex of nano-long hole wall, the formation of a large specific surface area, so that the heat conduction path is greatly increased, so that the heat conduction energy gradually weaken, to effectively suppress the heat conduction; gas within the pores of aerogels is relatively static, as compared with the gas flowing the limited movement of the gas molecules, when the heat carried in the limited space, the gas molecules rapidly transmitted to the bore wall becomes conductive heat transfer; ray complex when the heat radiation the airgel hole wall reflection, refraction, diffraction, scattering, passed to the bore wall and then becomes the heat conduction from the hole wall.The integrated heat transfer ability is poor, heat conduction coefficient is very low, about 0.01-0.02w\/m.k.
Superior physical properties of the airgel, to the basic functional material having catalytic photoelectric conversion vector provides a good environment. Through a special process these materials attached to the surface of the airgel enlarged several times or even several times the original performance. These materials will be in today's energy shortage in energy conservation, natural resources, make full use of The core functional materials have been widely used, will play an important role in the preparation technology, material properties, energy saving.

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