Shaanxi Unita Nano-New Materials Co., Ltd.

The 火狐体育注册-火狐体育手机官网-火狐体育app, is a professional development, production and sales of new nanomaterials high-tech industry. Companies registered capital of 30 million yuan, covers an area of 400 acres. The company has independent intellectual property rights, and has achieved three utility model patent certificate, and 9 patent number.
Aerogel is a gas as the medium of gel. Aerogel is a solid physical form, the least dense solid in the world. The density of 3kg/m3. Airgel mesoporous size makes it nanometer effect, given the high specific surface area airgel super adsorption capacity and catalyst carrier, up more than 98% of the porosity of airgel insulation to achieve extreme, and the solid material becomes lighter, the complexity of the pore wall of the hole to make it in the electrical, optical, acoustic, mechanical demonstrated extraordinary excellent performance, it is widely used in various fields.
Silica airgel project is set up from the beginning of 2004, through the mode of school and enterprise airgel basic research, the use of the expansion of the field, do a full cost control. Company R & D, production supercritical nano airgel products, high technology content, in the same material, with leading technology and processes; is the real energy-saving, environmentally friendly green new high-tech materials and green, environmental protection, energy saving a new type of lifestyle play a positive role in promoting. Now we can create a density of 5-80g / m³ airgel thermal conductivity between 8-18mw/mk adjustable to fully grasp the airgel production with an annual output of 500 tons (500 million square meters / year) technology and equipment manufacturing technology. Deeper research in the field of building insulation materials, coatings, catalysts, optical materials. My company's the airgel product performance parameters superior to other peers.
The company is "unity, rigorous, scientific and efficient" spirit of continuous development and growth, the pursuit of "green, environmental protection, energy saving" as the theme, toward based in Shaanxi, the radiation, to the world's development goals, UNITA Year for the achievement of development goals hard work! Willing to work with friends from all walks of life "alliance cooperation, create brilliant."

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